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Wednesday, April 01, 2020

Stay Calm and ARRRGHHH!

What a state we've all been put in,
seems like we're paying for all our past sins, 
We're under house arrest enforced upon mankind,
and we're all about to lose our minds!

For those living alone, I feel for you,
housework, cooking, cleaning and lots to do
You may not know it yet, but you're lucky,
One look at us and you won't feel so mucky!

For those nuclear families with just one child
Grumbling away about the problems you've filed;
You've got it best, I promise to you,
with company and lots of things to do!

That one child will occupy your time, 
Will make you play and sometimes whine,
They'll leave you alone when you scream,
but also share a bite of their ice-cream!

For those with children 2 or more,
you're screwed right up to your very core;
No matter how nice you pretend to be,
you're in devil mode and more already!

You're already prepared to rip out some hair ,
yours, mine, the kids or anyone's anywhere;
You can't sleep, watch tv or even piss in peace,
you'd gladly pay double the school fees!!

For all the teachers out there, mad respect!
You manage all our kids at our behest,
you keep in them check, God knows how,
I bow down to thee forever and now.

For all those saying none of this is true,
thank the stars that we're locked down too.
Cause I would call out your lies,
and prove you wrong in front of your own eyes!

Reality check, we all love our families,
but we need time off them, if you please,
When that's not possible in times like these,
There is one thing you can do to feel at ease.

My sincere advise, once in a while, SCREAM!
Shout till you're hoarse and be very mean,
Let your ugly side out to play,
The lockdown is here to stay!

Dr. Dheeraj Mulchandani

1 comment:

Unknown said...

So true
I love the part on the teacher
Thank you for realising our worth
Amazing poem

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