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Sunday, April 12, 2020

The Silver Lining

Remember world war one,we studied it in school
Everyone thought that was it, mankind was doomed;
but we arose from the ashes of the tanks and the guns,
How lucky we were, to get our race up again to run.

We promised it would never happen again, but it did,
One Aryan man decided he needed to be all sordid;
We almost wiped out the world's entire population,
How lucky we were to have our resolve for emancipation.

Just when we thought we were done, out came the pox,
Over 300 million deaths, we were forced to think out of the box;
A vaccine was developed and we could see the light,
How lucky we were to be saved from our plight.

Malaria, Tuberculosis, HIV and many more continue to rise,
We sit with our petty differences and consider ourselves wise;
We're constantly under threat from natural disasters too
How lucky are we to be together, me and you!

We take so much for granted, we forget to see,
We're the luckiest damn people, you and me;
We have each other, we have our families, our love,
How lucky are we, to be with our treasure trove!

There are some aged parents who are living alone,
Their only contact with family is a phone;
they too have peace of mind, full control and space,
How lucky are they to have their own place!

There are those with huge families, cousins and all
Who live through each day with people to break the fall;
They may seem crowded, but they have so many that care
How lucky they all are to have feelings to bare!

Then there are those with small families of two
Either themselves or with kids that also number few
A cosy close knit family who protect each other
How lucky they are to have a mother and brother.

We have tech to support us while we are locked in our homes
We have zoom and video calls and friends that in our heart roam;
We have teachers to teach our kids and engage them to learn,
How lucky we are to have each other in times to burn.

Here we all are with seemingly endless time,
To write our feelings our in series of rhyme,
I personally am grateful for things I can see for miles,
How lucky I am for you to read my words and smile!

The days may seem dark and the time creeping slowly
We must stay positive to avoid feeling lonely;
Keep enjoying our time and keep our spirits climbing
Remember every dark cloud has a silver lining!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

beautifully written!

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