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Monday, April 06, 2020

"Enough is enough"

"Enough is enough" said the wizard to the virus today,
Stop making our lives a living mess from day to day;
I hereby abolish all your rights and dreams,
and sentence you to a lifetime of vaccines.

"Enough is enough" said the mother to the child,
Stop make my life a living mess all the while;
I hereby order you to finish breakfast and then play,
study all morning and stop wasting your day.

"Enough is enough" all the fathers said uninvited,
Get football back on and let's all pity Man united;
We want the pubs to be open and selling us beer,
We'll deal with the virus when it strikes have no fear!

"Enough is enough" said the teacher to the school,
how much more can I pretend classroom and zoom are cool;
The kids are fried and the kids and parents too,
On a video call they all look like they belong in a zoo.

"Enough is enough" said the hair to the head,
it's time you treat me right and shampoo me instead;
Just because you aren't going out at nights,
doesn't mean you leave me looking like a fright!

"Enough is enough" said the beard to the chin,
Not every facial hair is meant to look like Aksai Chin;
The mustache and beard are overflowing at the brim,
I'll deal with no newspapers but I need a shave and trim!

"Enough is enough" said the hair to women's legs,
We're no longer a secret, everybody around the world begs,
Where are all those hair removal creams and razors,
That come to save us when parlours aren't in favour!

"Enough is enough" screamed the lungs to the body,
Of those smokers who still don't understand the risk and folly;
The cigarette are gone, their hopes up in smoke,
Unless you have a door delivering bootlegger bespoke!

"Enough is enough" said the doctors to us all,
Stay home, it's more important that a visit to foodhall;
We'll work hard with discomfort and defeat this yet,
All we ask is you stay home so no one later regrets!

"Enough is enough" said the reader directly to me,
How much more of this bull crap do we have to see;
Stop forwarding your blog and posting it everywhere,
I'm fed up of poems and rhymes and don't care.

"Enough is enough" said I to myself and me,
Let people who want to read, stay and see;
And if they want out, it won't take a bribe,
just send me a message saying unsubscribe!

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Enough is not enough
Your an amazing doctor and a stupendous poet .
Looking forward to seeing your book on the shelf.Entitled a doctor a poet
Miss Ruth Fernandes

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