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Sunday, April 05, 2020

9 mins of your time!

The people of the world are under pressure and reeling
with the virus showing no signs of disappearing;
The good news is that the world is healing
Global warming is reversing and ozone reappearing.

There is a wonderful entity and we call it nature,
it's showing off all it's powers and glory;
The animals and birds are painting a picture,
while the human decipher the slowly unfolding story.

The skies are blue and bright and clear,
The birds are flying low without fear;
The animals are roaming their long lost lands,
History is being written in the grains of sand.

We too, can make the most of this time, 
Figure out new ways to interact, communicate and dine;
And all the while stay close to the community,
while our PM comes up with ideas with impunity!

It may seem stupid at first, even downright silly,
with all his balcony ideas coming willy-nilly;
but think of it from a point of view,
of someone living alone, and not as lucky as you.

They might feel a sense of closeness and gratitude,

just to see their neighbour lose some attitude;
and stand in solidarity on the window or balcony,
and take part in the light and sound cacophony.

Don't do it, if you feel it's a waste,
but don't mock those with a sense of taste;
who want to feel as if they deserve to belong,
In a cultural society that has been long gone!

I'd probably stand outside this Sunday too,
and do as much as he asks me to,
but not for him or for his demand
but to strengthen my own family bond.

The choice is yours and how you make it,
but if you choose to do it, please don't fake it;
It's a time to let genuine emotions pour out,

Let's unite and show our own India's clout!

Dr. Dheeraj Mulchandani


Priti said...

It is so important to have genuine emotions. I agree with you :)) nicely written.

Unknown said...

Well penned down.

Unknown said...

Im looking forward also to see my daughters reaction and for her to remember and absorb this moment. Though ive really had a good laugh at sum of the forwards ... But absolutely have no right to judge anyone.

Sunita said...

Well said.....and totally agree!

Ananya said...

This is such a well-structured and thought out story in your poem. I loved this the best do far!

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