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Sunday, April 26, 2020

Prepare to return

All good things must come to an end, wise men say,
To this I add, all bad thing end sooner or later too;
and when that fortunate time does come when it may,
It's time to be prepared and plan what we will need to do.

Another brilliant saying is "Failing to plan is planning to fail",
To this I add, there can be nothing without a plan;
When the plan is put into motion, everything sails,
and all difficulties are pulled off with ease and elan.

Quite soon we'll be in a position where we have to move on,
Restart our businesses, shops, offices, clinics and factories; 
We will come out of this storm, stronger, tougher, reborn,
We will reunite, reform, recall and rewrite histories.

It may look bleak but there is so much we can do for now,
Think about what we will need to restart and how;
Buy essentials for your staff and workers, make them smile,
protect them from the danger that still exists for a mile.

Keep the sanitizers ready and restock them regularly,
Make sure hands are washed and masks work diligently;
Restrict visitors to only those essential for your work,
Keep hours short and make sure people don't lurk.

Educate everyone involved that the resurgence be a while,
Adjust priorities, be empathetic towards problems and try to smile;
Work together with limited resources as best you can,
"This too shall pass", was rightly said by a famous man.

It may seem difficult, nigh impossible, but it has to done,
Set your mind and decide that this struggle must be won!
If you feel your spirit shake and doubts begin to creep,
Just take a breather, relax, reignite after a good nights sleep.

1 comment:

Bonny Rajpal said...

Reminded me of the 7P rule we did in Management class.
Prior proper planning prevents piss poor performance! U r right Doc. This is the new normal and is here to stay. Life is never going to be the same again.

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