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Thursday, April 02, 2020

Control Freaks!

It's been a short while, though it seems long
we're barely midway through this wild storm,
everywhere you look, people are locked down
and the easiest thing seems to be to frown.

It's a short fuse with everyone at the ready
quick to blow up and prove you're unsteady
Whatever patience we had is running thin,
all the happiness and smiles have reached the bin.

This is not true, no matter how it seems,
our brains are wired to retain bad scenes,
our happier times are recorded too,
they're just in the background waiting for you.

If you are one of those used to control,
and you see someone else taking a hold,
of all the things you were used to doing,
sit back, relax and enjoy the swing.

It's not that you won't have control when it's over,
It's not that no one listens when you hover,
It is that everyone has their own ways
and everyone wants to have their own say.

Give a little leeway somehow, if you can
Do not be quick to let shit hit the fan,
Ask yourself this, would this happen anyway
if we weren't locked up together in this way?

Take a step back and think about it,
Yell if you have to but be quick to doubt it
At the end, we're all in this together,
If you can't find the problem, blame the weather.

For my senior citizens, this may be more true,
You're cooped up with hardly anything left to do
Take up a new hobby and practice everyday
Stay safe, stay sane and smile away!

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