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Monday, April 13, 2020

Online classroom

Wake up, wake up, it's time for school,
Open your eyes, brush and sit on a stool;
Throw on a clean t-shirt and wear your glasses,
it's time for your schools online classes!

What time is it, weary eyes and sleepy voices ask,
You knew waking them up was going to be a task;
"Go to bed early, on a holiday, no way José,
Wake up to study, you must be kidding, go away!"

The teacher logs in, zoom servers are loaded,
The kids are screaming with the energy they've hoarded;
The dog's barking excitedly in the background,
The sibling's dancing naked like a wild wolfhound!

The parents are anxious, they can barely understand,
what the teacher is speaking or why the kid wants to stand;
the damn internet is unstable and you get disconnected,
It's true about the internet, Ralph's wrecked it!

We're back up and the lesson is almost done,
the kid is all smiles because now it's time for fun;
The mothers are going crazy with Whatsapp clarifications,
The fathers are still exercising and clearing constipations!

The next class is almost upon you, what do you do,
The kid decides this is the perfect time to go poo;
you log in helplessly trying to figure stuff out,
the water starts flowing from the bathroom spout!

"I'm having a bath, just like you asked me to"
What a great time to listen to us, say me and you;
The kid comes out all fresh and smelling rosy,
and gives you the best hug to make you feel cosy.

All the worry should disappear, all the anger should be gone,
You realize your little one can play you like a pawn;
and you wouldn't want it any other way, not really,
but it's time for work and you have to remain steely!

You'll figure out the work that needs to be done,
you'll see to it that this fight will still be won;
You'll work it out somehow like you always do,
Just remember to flush down that kid's lil poo! 

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