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Tuesday, August 30, 2011


After years of writing and voicing my opinion, I have been featured.
Read the spotlight article at on my fight against corruption

Spotlight Article at

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

6 years and counting

It has been 6 years to the date since I started writing this blog. I would like to think that much has changed.

Of course, most of that can be attributed to the fact that I went from Municipal Hospital to Private Hospital to Private Practice. I, however, do hope that my writing has changed a bit too.

I was reading some of my early posts and almost had the urge to edit them. I didn't. I guess, it is something that should stay the way it is to remind me of what has changed! Enough with the change bit.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the people who have made it possible for me to stay interested in writing this for so long (God knows I tend to get bored with things easily)

Vinita Mulchandani - My best friend, my wife, my biggest reality check, my fashion police, my personal himalaya. She is so many things to me that I would need another 6 years to complete the list. I love you babe!

Toofan Mulchandani - aka Jeehan (Yes, this is the correct order and not the other way round) He will soon become all of the above. As of now, he is just a bundle of joy (no matter how cliched that sounds) He is also the sole inspiration for my other blog 'Taught By My Son"

Samit Malkani - Yes you made it before the rest of my family. Simply because you are almost right up there with the rest of them (and you know it!) If it wasn't for you, I probably would not have been pushed into writing at all. Your blogs are an inspiration (even though I may not be interested in the teachings of the post, the style is great). Read more about it here

The rest of my family - My brother, Gautam, who is my severest critic, who always keeps a check on me and always pretends not to care. My dad, who is surprising everyone with his tech savvy avatar and mom who just loves to read my name anywhere public!

Saanwari Gorwaney Malkani - Yes I wrote your entire name! You have always encouraged me to write on and for that I thank you. You also make sure all of us have some fun which is something we tend to forget with our busy lives. Cheers!

Juhi D - Always will be Juhi D to me! Thanks for believing that I could write for you sometime, even though I have not gotten around to doing it. Coming from you, its a huge morale booster and gives me belief in my writing ability.

Anjum D - Oh God! How I love to fight with you and argue with you. Thanks for reading the post as soon as you get to know about it. You are the most active person when it comes to comments on the blog and I am grateful to you for that. Love your writing too

M.D. - My Meghu Mutter! I know we somehow always miss each others calls but I know you read the blog and enjoy it and you in your own way inspire me! You're a great friend, Thanks!

Sheebs - My rum and coke buddy! How I wish we could have met sooner than we did. Great fun having you around and please keep reading my blog. Can I include Amit in this too since he'd probably not read this anyway until I can somehow get it into a phone call for him!

Bips - You would have been higher mate, but you tend to disappear far too often and I have no clue what you're up to. I would, however, give your reference to anyone who wants to lose weight. I know you read and thanks for that. Cheers!

Nyaani - aka Mental Bua/Aks/Divz/Divya If and when she reads the blog she always has nice things to say. More importantly, I can laugh with you without any reason! Hahahaha

Ok, this is beginning to sound like an oscar speech!

All my other readers! Don't fret because you're at the end. The end is usually the best part. To move to the top, please read, comment, share and care!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Hair Today...Gone Tomorrow...Just came back!

I read this piece on male pattern baldness this morning where Dr. Phil (yes the one one Oprah) said that 70% men would rather amputate a limb than go bald.

The ultimate fear of some males happens to be baldness. I wonder why? It's not like Samson's story was ever proven to be true. Or even if most politician's (excluding Manmohan Singh for obvious reasons) appear to be bald. What is there to fear? 

Some women I know, love the smooth bald feel on their man's head! I think it gives some people character. Agreed, Sehwag and Harsha Bhogle seem better off after their treatments but would you really bother if they hadn't gotten it done? It would not have made an iota of difference to me!

Apparently, there are various new ways of getting the treatment done....Old methods involved literally cutting off the back of your head, where the hair growth is maximum and transplanting it to the front. Nowadays, though, they have hair follicle pick up and implantation over the bald patch (almost sounds like fertilization to me). They have even discovered the gene causing male pattern baldness. Maybe a cure is at hand but it's far from ready now.I know someone working at a hair restoration clinic in Bombay and he swears by the results and the painlessness of it all.

I even got an enquiry from somewhere in Africa for the same. Maybe it's time has finally arrived.Men are looking at ways to prevent baldness and until that arrives, there is always restoration. I'm just pleasently surprised at the number of centres mushrooming up in Bombay for the same.

All the best to my bald friends!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Android, BB, Iphone

Hi Guys,

I need your help. No this is not Nigerian spam asking for money for me to get back home!

My devil's workshop has come up with an idea to fill the time I have right now and I want to make an application for android, iphone and bb for Dr. Mulchandani's Medical Services

In it's very basic version which I shall start up with, I intend for this app to be a ground level appointment scheduling and rescheduling app with some more features. This is where you guys come in.

If you had the chance to download this on your smartphones for free, other than the fact that you could fix and change appointments with any of the doctors on my panel, what else would you like there to be.

Off the top of my head I can tell you that there would be a very brief (phone friendly) introduction to Dr. Mulchandani's Medical Services, maps to our locations, specialities (which may be embedded in the app itself or may be a weblink to the main page), contact links, ability to email directly / call directly from the app (no need to exit the app and go to email / dialer)

What else can I put in there in terms of value service.If you had the app, what else would you want from your Doctor's office.

Should I put in some basic disease symptoms and direct where you go / which doctor (specialist) you need to go to 
Simple Eg. Nail half broken - Go to the Surgeon (no need to go to the G.P. / Family Doctor)

Any other suggestions would be very helpful. Any ideas I pick up would be credited to your twitter handles / social avatars!

Looking forward to lots of suggestions. If you don't have any please criticize! And Harshly!
If none of the above, just support this and say go ahead and make it.

@Scepticemia Already reminded my about reminders, which I had completely overlooked! Stuff like this is all I need. Nothing technical necessary! 

Thanks and Cheers

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Life is not fair

Something terrible happened last month. Something I wouldn't even wish on my worst enemy. It was a tragedy. There are no other words to describe it, nothing that would do it justice. Justice, that's a funny word, because it seems there is no justice in this world. A world that allows the passing of a little girl to the heavens for no fault of her own. Fault can't even come to play a role because what happened was beyond anyone's control, no matter what one says. And what can you say, when a 3 year old girl falls off the window on the 3rd floor. I think this will be written over twice. One would be the Doctor in me remembering what happened. The next one to follow would be me, a father, a friend, a relative, a human recounting the horror!

It happened in Pune. We were informed and left the next day. We reached the hospital (fortune had it that it belonged to someone I know closely). She was lying in the ICU bed. No external injuries. Eyes closed with gauze and sticking plaster to prevent damage to the cornea. All injuries were internal we were told by the attending consultant (also a good friend of mine)

She had multiple fractures of the skull, ping pong fractures and depressed fractures, bleeding in the brain, blockage of the ventricles (which plays a role in absorption of CSF) and was unconscious. The situation was grim and there was nothing much we could do but wait it out and watch for how she would progress.

Over the days, some levels of consciousness were regained. She would respond to her parents calling out to her, hands and legs would move. To a lay person, this meant improvement. To the consultant, he was more practical. He warned me about some levels of spasmodic contraction remaining on the right side. She was moving but how much was voluntary. Her eyes were opening slowly, but were they able to see. There was serious doubts about sight since the haemorrhage in the brain was compressing the optic nerve.Days passed into weeks, CT scans and MRI's were performed. Physiotherapy started. All that could be done was being done. She was on the ventilator, but a tracheostomy was imminent.

The last scan showed increasing pressure onto the brain and a decision for burr hole surgery was made. Tracheostomy was very much in the piping but was postponed to respect the wishes of the parents. It was decided to give the burr hole a chance to see if drastic improvement occured and the need for tracheostomy could be averted.

The neurosurgeon was kind enough to do it in the night itself so no time would be wasted. He infomed me when it was over. However, he was not too happy with the surface of the brain. In his own words, "It's not pulsating as much as it should after evacuation of the CSF". He was not too happy, but was optimistic as was the need of the hour.

Over the next day and a half, she developed respiratory infections. It was time for a tracheostomy, whether the relatives agreed or not. It simply could not be postponed any longer. It was done the next day. Suctioning was carried out regularly. The child seemed to be losing the battle, though.

Then, at 3.30 a.m. the call came. Middle of the night calls are almost always bad news. This was too.
She was no more!

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