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Friday, April 03, 2020

From the outside, in.

Better safe than sorry, everyone's right,
while we sit at home counting the nights;
but be honest, every once a few days,
we need to step out no matter what they say.

Groceries are to be bought, things are required,
the children need to be fed and we're all tired;
Of sitting at home and waiting for time to pass
We step out with all precautions, Oh at last!

Shop as much as you can, there's barely anything left,
make do with what we get, we're all pretty deft;
and as we prepare to return to our abodes,
the dreadful feeling should warn you loads.

In case it doesn't, allow me remind you,
we're all fomites for the virus around you;
We might be carrying it back home with us,
So please remember this is a required fuss.

Stop at your door, drop everything down,
take off everything from toe to crown,
Go into the bath and scrub yourself fine,
It doesn't matter if the kids start to whine.

Safety first, all else can go to naught,
clean yourself up and then the stuff you bought;
Teach your kids to wait for their turn,
to touch you, hug you or whatever they yearn!

They're worried about you every time you step out,
they are too sacred to say it with their mouth;
reassure them that you are aware of their plight,
make sure they know that you share their fright.

Wash your hands with soap and sanitize,
Keep the kids around to see with their eyes,
teach them the importance of keeping themselves clean,
and watch as the virus disappears from the scene!

Dr. Dheeraj Mulchandani

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