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Monday, March 11, 2019

An Ode to nothing

There are times you think you can do nothing,
and push yourself to worry about the same,
you feel the world is passing you by
while you sit, stare and helplessly wane.

You cringe at the thought of starting something new,
you fear the universe is out to get you,
the walls start closing in all around
the best option looks like burying your head in the ground.

It's times like these you need to say,
to yourself and your reflections,
this is the way for your mind to reset
and to come away fresh with intentions.

Allow yourself the time to just exist,
give your mind the time it needs,
enjoy the feeling of nothingness today
and watch how to you, tomorrow cedes.

The nothing will swiftly change to substance,
the world and time will slow for you and yours
things will happen and before you know it
you'll achieve beyond expectations defying all laws

That one day which worried you so
would turn out to be the best one yet,
shocking though it may seem right now
there really was never cause to regret.

At times, it's time that needs time
to work it's magic around yourself
give in to the forces unheard and unseen
and you will know what nothing means!

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