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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Crowning glory!

Allow me to introduce myself, my dear humans of earth,
I come from a place where I recently took birth;
No one really knows how I was born and came to be,
I've been there longer than most of you could see.

I crossed a boundary that was invisible to all,
It was never expected that I could take the leap;
This one move has lead to many a fall,
and many to reach a state of permanent sleep!

It was a while before you could understand,
how I could affect you all with such impunity;
I stuck on your face, your tables, chairs and hand,
I moved when you coughed, sneezed and even did your duty.

I tickled your nose, I itched your throat,
I caused you a fever and rocked your boat,
I entered your lungs and caused you to gasp,
I put you on a ventilator and made you breathe your last!

I ran around your lane, your town, your city
I even crossed the borders of your country,
I spread my wings all over the world,
I sat back and laughed while your life twirled.

But you are intelligent and smart and I am scared,
I know that in this fight I won't be spared
I know this war I may end up losing,
but the battle I've won is of my choosing.

The onus is now on each one of you,
to do what you do and do it true,
I stayed true to my crowning persona
Before I forget, my name is Corona!

Dr. Dheeraj Mulchandani

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