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Friday, April 10, 2020

The Internet!

The magic of something lie within it's mystery,
the joy of discovery, the wonder and history,
and when it becomes commonplace, easy and effortless,
It's no longer magic but something in excess.

There was a time not too long ago,
When the 14.4 pings were the way to go
and 28.8 was somewhat a luxury to have,
leased lines were only for corporate pads.

Then slowly but surely it crept it's way inside
our lives seem incomplete without it by our side,
Always connected has become the necessary norm,
As zoom classes seem to control all our morns.

There is no need for that pesky cable operator,
ruling the roost with his channels expensive and few;
Streaming is the new common denominator,
with everything available that is always new!

Broadband is the new minimum standard for the day,
The damn pesky internet is here to stay;
the best evidence that it is a source of addiction,
lies in the fact that we all need detox from this fiction.

Now, fibre is starting to raise its plentiful head,
Not sure if we should gleefully rejoice or worryingly dread;
It's seeping into our being, into our very veins like a drug,
It may be necessary but after a point it's just a bug.

Yes, the information we receive is important, even though limitless,
No, we can't rely on most of it, so God bless;
Yes, it helps us keep in touch with the ones we love for free,
No, we don't have to post our lives for everyone to see!

Like anything, too much of a good thing turns bad,
make no mistake about it, for the internet we're glad!
Use it wisely and it's worth a handsome penny, I think
Misuse it and all the advantage goes down the sink!

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