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Saturday, April 18, 2020

Number One.

Each and every one of us, has a story to tell about school,
Most of the times it will be, about how this teacher was so cool;
The memories that last us a lifetime, are strong and very true,
a favourite teacher is almost always at the centre of this brew!

With such good fortune and blessings, we lucked out with division A,
Where the most fascinating personality, became our teacher to stay;
With stories wide and far, we started the year with much anticipation,
now the year has come to an end, we all stand in awe and captivation.

It wasn't only our kids who learnt the meaning of hard work and discipline,
Us parents were made to work, projects, art, craft and compete to win;
At first, to be honest, we all wondered why we were being tortured,
but as the year went on, we realised that we were being honoured.

To be taught new things at this age, is indeed a rare feeling ,
All our old knowledge was refreshed, with all the layers peeling;
We finally understood the methods and the techniques you were using,
We eventually came to the conclusion that we were actually gaining.

The kids were dealt with strictly if required, along with being showered with love,
They were made to pull up their socks, in places they could soar above;
Life skills were imparted to them all, something that we ourselves should have done,
you made the most mundane tasks appear easy to do and fun!

Our children transformed into responsible beings, almost overnight, I think,
Your tips and tricks, your instructions so crisp, made everything link; 
We found out how different our children can be, at school and at home,
Your feedback for each and every student, was on point in monochrome!

Your gargantuan efforts to individually acknowledge every single child,
made us see just how much time and care you put in all the while;
From the time of sunset late in the evening to the next morning's rising sun,
You worked hard for us, dear miss, and for that our hearts you have won!

When you came for the football finals match, we were all blown away,
and no matter how many words I write, there is nothing that can say,
how very grateful and thankful we all are for all that you have done,
Ms. Ruth Fernandes, for this class and it's parents you will always be number one!!


Unknown said...

O my God I'm speechless doctor thanks a ton.
Feel so honoured with your words.Tears of joy rolling down my cheeks .Finally someone has understood my strife for Excellency in my students .If I can do so much for my students why can't each parent do the same for their own flesh and blood.Was a Russel I had in my teaching vocation .Met my match finally this batch of 2019 - 2020 was a year has made history and memories which will be etched into my inner being my heart.
Thank you so much doctor you've made my teaching and love for this vocation fruitful.God Bless You.
A few minutes back was just chatting with a parent to thank me for everything mentioned you as a person who gels so well with these boys - the contact you have with them is commendable.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
God bless you and your mum always.
Thank you for being a remarkable doctor.
Ms Ruth Fernandes

Ananya said...

That's an incredible poem Dheeraj! Thanks for expressing for so many parents.

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