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Friday, May 01, 2020

Lockdown weighing you down

It's been over a month and we've somehow endured,
The word lockdown seems to have been burned in our brain;
It isn't lifting soon, it will take it's time, it's just as we feared,
That's no reason to let yourself loose and go down the drain!

Sure, we're sitting at home bored out of our skulls,
even classes are now stopping, no more morning sulks,
What else is left to do, you ask, chomping away?
Stress and boredom eating is the new disease here to stay!

We want to try and emulate the masterchefs, one and all,
we experiment with wonderful looking foods and drink,
we make delicious eatables that are hard to resist and we fall
prey to the perils of our own calories, no matter what we think!

Those lovely fried fritters, those golden brown potatoes,
Those awesomely stuffed burgers with just a hint of tomatoes,
Those cheesy sandwiches and pizzas with toppings all over,
those chocolate milkshakes and ice creams for all us sugar lovers!

Most of us are already complaining of the weight we might gain,
We seem to be doing nothing but eating and laying;
but there is a simple way out, if we are ready to try it together,
Let's put aside an hour for exercising endeavours!

If you can't or won't do that, there is yet another way,
to abolish those cravings and make the eating go away;
Distract yourself when you feel like reaching out for food,
Play a game, read a book, go for a walk to change your mood.

Sit in front of your kids to stop if you have to,
They're experts at making us feel guilty about eating;
ask them to give you some work that you must do,
they'll squeal with joy, with permission to give you something punishing.

If that doesn't work either, this is the last straw,
Take a paper and pen and start to draw,
the food that you feel like eating the most,
Then log in again and finish reading this post! 

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