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Thursday, May 07, 2020


This is a show of support for all those who have been suffering,
from the ignominy of their fellow inhuman beings;
a show of strength even, to say I'm with you during
the dreaded public name and shame that we are seeing.

No one chooses to get infected or does something to get it,
The virus, you see, is a master of chaos and destruction,
It chooses it's victim, not the other way around, get it,
It happens to the best of us, even with all protection.

There are millions getting infected, they can't all have been stupid,
Doctors, nurses, stalwarts, beggars, students and even kids;
You can't possibly blame someone when they get positive,
it's not something they would have like to get and give!

For every positive case out there, there are many more that aren't,
Those people might even have ignored all norms and just got lucky,
But for the one's that ran out of luck, it's a thing that would haunt,
and we're just making it worse by being plainly disrespectful and mucky!

When it's time to support them the most, in gossip we choose to engage,
We spread rumours and lies because is sounds good and fills the page,
We start believing in words without realizing the effect and shame,
All because we're wired to find something or someone to blame!

When a person gets the disease, the first reaction is probably fear,
No one really knows how bad it can get or how long it can leer;
Instead of staying upbeat, cheerful and fighting the disease,
they're left giving clarifications and clearing doubts that everyone sees!

The family involved gets ostracized by our very own society,
The one we lived in happily just months ago, so brightly;
The pointing fingers, the silent whispers, the nasty looks and words,
Send civility and compassion for humans right out to the birds!

My sincere and earnest request to anyone reading this,
Stop, think, listen and think again before deciding something is amiss;
Give the benefit of the doubt to the patient and their kin,
no one would like to bring this to themselves and within!

Stay supportive, offer empathy, give help, hug a little and attempt to smile,
they're someone's parents, someone's friend, someone's beloved child;
If the above is too much, the least you can do is do nothing,
Stop spreading information, we have the media to do it's own nose cutting!

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