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Friday, May 15, 2020

Would you change?

The most pressing question that we ask almost everyday
When will things go back to normal and all this go away?
Which brings to mind a certain perspective that I wanted to share,
Would you change anything, if at all, once lockdown is laid bare?

Could you imagine the freedom of going out at night?
meeting up with your friends and go see the sights,
Would you go out for dinner and dancing and drinks?
Would you be so carefree or would you dare to rethink?

Will you change the way you perceive the world and it's people?
Would you think of times when our mind was fragile and our time feeble?
Would you remember the people who barely got to eat meals everyday?
Would you remember those helpers who went home and those who stayed?

Will you still indulge yourself and buy those branded shoes and bags?
Would you consider public transport or still prefer your jags?
Could you hoard a little less, and give up on what you thought essential?
Maybe give away a lot more, shop a little less and be a little more frugal?

Will high end make up and jewellery still be as important as before?
Would throwing parties ever seem significant, or just be something sore?
Will those holidays of luxury still be Instagram worthy and true?
Or would we choose to be much simpler in all that we do?

We lived for months and months with bare essentials and contact,
we rediscovered families, neighbours, true friends and facts
we gave up on rumours and newspapers, we waited for confirmed truths,
We learnt so much in such short time, we must bear the fruits.

Lets pledge to be self reliant and start living for our health in pink,
Not for posts on social media or what other people feel and think;
Let's enjoy simpler lives and times, with our children and friends
Let's eat and drink and be merry and not worry what's around the bends!

Seize every moment and opportunity, enjoy it to the fullest and smile,
Our time is extremely subjective, the virus proved that by a mile;
There are plenty of things to worry about, illness should be the least,
Stay safe, stay healthy and continue to dream of when we'll get released!

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