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Thursday, May 21, 2020

Guardians of the city!

With hardly any vehicle movement the road seems empty,
you'll see him standing there with energy aplenty,
he will carefully watch who all come and go,
He will correctly guide you, he'll never say no!

He will bake in the sun for hours on end,
He will return your smile and a helping hand lend,
He will shout at loiterers and drive them away,
He will even punish them if they have nothing to say.

He will make them do sit ups and hold their ears,
He will help an old lady carry her burden without tears;
He will prevent chaos at any cost to keep us safe,
He will melt in the heat and continue to be brave!

He is risking his life and his families too,
Just to make sure it's safe for me and you,
He does his duty with hardly a complaint,
He wears his uniform with pride and constraint.

He is bound by the orders from above he receives,
Don't be too harsh on him if he stops you to check;
He isn't enjoying it any more than you please believe,
But he doesn't have a choice, they're all hands on deck.

He waits in line just like we all do for groceries,
he pays full price and doesn't bargain in misery,
He understands that we all are in this together,
He too misses his father, mother, sister and brother!

Let's give them the respect they deserve so truly,
let's at least smile and greet them when they seem unruly;
Let's remember that even our mood changes with a smile,
we just have more people around us all the while!

They are doing a very lonely job and they're excelling,
They've maintained law and order in times compelling,
They haven't asked us for anything in return but to stay home,
Let's give them a big hand and make sure we don't roam!

A salute to the Mumbai Police, we owe you our thanks,
Perhaps this may never reach your eyes and your ranks;
If somehow you do end up reading this, please know,
This city owes you all gratitude and much more!

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