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Thursday, May 14, 2020


A force of nature so strong, even the mightiest bow before her,
A building block so secure, the tallest structure seems small next to her;
A backbone so full of vigour and vitality, the head is always held high,
A superhero like no other, even better than captain marvel in the sky.
A beautiful mix of emotions and intelligence, she rises to all occasions,
She knows when to be headstrong and when to give in, all within reason;
She can cry tears of sorrow, joy, laughter and wonderment, all in one day,
There is nothing she cannot do, and she does it all without pay!
She can nuture, she can teach, she can get to you when out of reach,
She can cure all illnesses with her smile, she can walk barefoot for a mile;
All to make sure you are feeling alright, she never lets you out of sight,
She has the magic to do it all, she’s always at your beck and call.
She deserves to be treated like a queen, not just for this one day,
She deserves a world of happiness, and a whole lot of respect if I may;
She needs to be loved and feel loved too, and always appeciated,
She needs to have special days where everything for her is orchestrated!
She will take it all with a matter of fact, be it complaints or praise,
She will work through it all, her stoic attitude will never faze;
You see for her the days never end, her responsibility will always be around,
She just can’t let it be for someone else, to keep her famaily safe and sound!
So, let make sure we understand, she is the pillar to your palace,
She is the cement that holds all together, the shaw to your wallace;
She is the finishing touch to your life project, the icing on the cake,
She is the only one you can turn to, no matter how big the mistake!
Here is what you should do, to give her what she deserves,
Pick up things she likes to receive, from flowers to desserts;
Shower her with gifts and chocolates, at random and not just today,
Make her smile, keep her happy till the end of her living days!

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