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Monday, May 18, 2020

Corona Paranoia - Myth Busters!

"I have a fever since two days, am I going to die of Coronavirus?"
Not every fever is Covid-19, other infections still exist for us;
Malaria, typhoid, dengue and regular flu viruses still hover around,
Don't let this fear of COVID drive you into the ground.

"I've been coughing since the past 1 month, am I losing my lungs?"
Unlikely even though the pollution is almost gone to its lowest rungs;
Most likely it's a regular cough or your smoking habit or even reflux,
Don't let it make you isolate yourself from family, that really sucks!

"My nose is running, I've been sneezing a lot, have I got it?"
Yes, you have, the common cold that is, still far more likely;
Don't ignore it but don't go into a frenzied meltdown just yet,
Get yourself to a doctor and place a well calculated bet!

"My whole body aches, my joints are sore, this is the virus for sure!"
Of course it is a viral illness, but not all of them are Corona remember;
The old viruses are still as just as infective as they once were,
Take regular treatment, stay home, stay safe and have no fear.

"I've got this rash on my skin, I read that this could happen too?"
Sure it can, especially if you avoid bathing in the lockdown;
Maintain hygiene, eat well, stay hydrated and do what you should do,
It's mostly a fungal infection, it'll spread quick and make you frown!

"There is no way I can eat ice-cream, are you mad, I'll get sick!"
You might if you can't handle cold things, but not from the virus you picked;
There is no harm in eating an ice cream in the summer, just stay cool,
Know your body and don't believe in rumours, don't be a fool!

"I went for a walk, now I have to strip, bathe and drown in sanitizer and scrub"
Calm down, my friend, wash your hands, by all means use a good handrub;
But try and think, were you in contact with anyone or anything, 
If not, don't worry, your risks are as minimal as the bathroom sink!

"There is no way I can order food from out, I'll get infected!"
Sure you can, but mostly it'll be a bad tummy that will put you to bed;
Food is prepared at a temperature that kills most viruses and bacteria,
The same risks stay as before, ordering in keeps the same criteria.

"I don't believe a word you're saying, this is just to fill your blog"
Probably true, you've got better sources I'm sure that you can log;
Like that whatsapp forward, facebook post or youtube video that you see,
and then, Google is always there for Doctors with whom you disagree!  

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