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Thursday, May 14, 2020

Nurses, the backbone of the healthcare system!

Behind every successful man is a woman, could not be more true,
Than in a case of healthcare without which we just couldn't do;
Nurses and midwives are the backbone, on the strength of which we stand,
Without a nurse in the system, no hospital would exist in this land!

They are the caregivers of the people, something we could only aspire to be,
They know more about the patient that we ever could hope to see;
they connect on a level that is strange to us, right from the heart,
They sense things before we can, they give our diagnosis an art!

They care for everyone on their shift, no matter what or who or where,
They give us Doctors the respite when we're tired and need some air;
they support us when we're learning, they teach us skills with ease,
they make us in to Doctors we are, while making it seem a breeze.

They are the ones who will hold you hand when you get a real scare,
They are the ones who will sit and listen when no one seems to care;
In those magical few days after childbirth, they teach you what to do,
They hold your child and feed them and even clean their poo.

They'll change your diapers, clean your puke and give you a sponge as well,
They will rush to your beck and call at the simple press of a bell;
They will do all the work no one wants to, and do it with a smile,
they always try and make you comfortable by going the extra mile.

Nurses are generally invisible, going about their work with pride,
You hardly notice all they're doing, they're always on the side;
But can you imagine even a day, a hospital without any of them,
The system would crumble so fast, they really are rare gems.

Just look at the situation currently, with the virus looming bold,
The dirty work is still left to them, they still do what they're told;
While us Doctors walk around impersonally, giving orders left and right,
They actually talk to the patient and make them feel it'll be alright.

I can't imagine going to work for even a day without them being there,
I can't think of how we'd manage and I doubt we would even there;
So here's my tribute to you, my dear nurses who taught me my quest,

  1. I wouldn't be the Doctor I am, if I hadn't learnt from the best!

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