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Saturday, March 28, 2020

A Time to Still

Routines were good until a few days ago,
When we all just got up and decided to go
Until our world came crashing down
besides corona there wasn't a sound

Now, we sleep and wake without thought
our lives seem to have come to naught
the time we craved is all upon us
it's suddenly daunting with zero fuss

We have the time with nothing to do
We have the space, all clean and new
We have the air all fresh to breathe
We have our emotions all ready to seethe

But the time passes slow and almost still
The space can't be used, it's an eerie chill
The air is clear but we restricted the joy
of venturing out of our homes to enjoy

We have to stay locked in to have a chance
The empty streets a distant romance
The deaths being held somehow at bay
by our special workers toiling away.

Pay them the respect they so deserve
Heed their words and help them serve
Stop spreading around the rumour mill
It's finally time to stay completely still! 


Dr. Anita R. Daswani said...

You write your emotions very well !

Unknown said...

Very well said dear Doc.
In a time where each one needs to be a rock.
Leaving home is so uncool.
Stay indoors don't be a fool.

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