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Monday, March 30, 2020

Ever Forward!

When did we stop thinking and lose our way
when did we start keeping common sense away,
when did we start running this race
or being the first one to forward away.

Ever forward, said the motto of school
Not forward away, it seems so cool.
No one said don't stop to think or verify,
and just forward away for FYI

I've heard of spreading butter and cheese,
some peanut butter and jam if you please.
I've heard of spreading joy and hope 
I've even heard of spreading to cope.

One thing I never thought would be true

was spreading lies and rumours untrue.
Of spreading sensationalism and some fear,
and worthless gossip to the other's ear.

The only thing that this serves to achieve
is a falsehood propagated through brainless thieves
who look only to go viral, I guess
while you sit there in a hot pile of mess.

Your credibility is gone, you can't be trusted
you've sent a myth that now seems busted! 
With the next post of yours that they would read,
do you think they would pay it any heed?

What would be apt is to just hold on a minute,
by all means read, watch and revel in it;
but before you hit that button to share,
pause for a bit and just beware.

What may seem true to you, may not be;
what may seem great for you, will not be;
there's no point of getting it out there first,
if all you end up doing is asking for it in reverse.

There will be no need of apologies, no sorry to say;
If you watch what you forward almost every day.
Put a stop to the fake news and be empowered
Be aware and responsible and ever forward!


A Broacha said...

Need of the hour to be practiced by one and all. .everyone reads news,,,, same fake forwards are at least on 5 to 6 chats. Creates panic in older generation.

Priti said...

So well said Dheeraj !! I only wish people could understand.

Tinaz Rustomjee Katrak said...

Lovely. So well written. Shall fallow what's written.
Thank you

Techknowdoc said...

Thank you for the comments. Appreciate it

Unknown said...

Thx for that Dr D Mulchandani and to tell you the truth I too Forward not a lot. First of all there is so much info on WhatsApp that I can't possibly read everything. Videos more than two minutes I don't see as it takes up internal memory and when I read or see videos I do put always or sometimes my opinion with various other perspective or perceptions to enlighten others about it not that I am a walking encyclopedia but a little bit of info but mostly positive Commemts. When I do know that the person has a skill or expertisde I compliment her or him. Sorry for the long text Dr. But first of all let me Congratulate ur father, mother and you all who are docs. Amen Now all this I have been doing since years not now and I see that I do not get or cause a controversy. Will write more later!!! AMEN AMEN

Unknown said...

Thx for your reply doc

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