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Thursday, May 06, 2010

Ice Ball Surgery.

In continuation with my anal surgeries experience the novel concept of freezing someone's ass off captured my interest yesterday!

Cryosurgery is one of the accepted methods of treating Piles. Why, I will never understand? Is it because in this heat its something to cool off with? Is it because thats the only way to send gas back up the ass? Is it because its convienient? I have no answers. I personally don't like it as a form of treatment, but nevertheless it is used, so here we go!

 What you do is first identify the pile mass, take the cryotip which is a nice rounded metal tip and apply that to the mucosa and let the freezing gas go through the tip to form a nice snowball over the mass!

Over to the left is the cylinder with the application tip attached.
The ice balls thus formed actually look like this but are stuck to the pile mass so the one's on the right are merely descriptive! The gas from the cylinder makes a godaweful noise when applied and the handle gets really cold too, so I imagine the patient is having an internal cooling like no airconditioner can provide (probably why this method is popular in the summers).

The question remains, with better and better methods of treatment including the Infrared photocoagulator (painless, anaesthesialess, 10 minute and out procedure which I use at my clinic) and the HAL doppler coming in will the ice balls survive!
Question 2: Can we use it to cool ourselves down in the summer anyway??

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