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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

How soon can we drink after surgery?

Modern medicine has been breaking bounds in the new era. Every year we come up with new and fantastic methods to fast track recovery after a surgical procedure. The entire day care surgery concept is based on this fact. Sometimes, however, our patients push us to the limit.

The gentleman we were operating upon for a bilateral hernia under day care surgery was a very good candidate for surgery. Medically fit, cooperative, not pain sensitive, motivated for day surgery, ready to walk back to his hotel room in the evening after surgery. He was given local anaesthesia in the inguinal region and we were operating upon him. We finished the Right side and went on to the left. All was going well until suddenly the patient decides to ask us a very interesting question.

"Can I have a beer as soon as the surgery is done?"

We were quite shocked and asked him to say that again. I think he realised what he said because he then tried something else. " I can smell beer in the OT. Can I have some. I can smell it in the oxygen tube" Maybe he thought it was an excellent way to recover early from surgery?

Now wouldn't that be a novel way to get drunk. Inhale some alcohol vapours! Superb absorption!

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