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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Call for Submissions - Grand Rounds Vol. 6 No.36


First of, I would like to thank the creators of Grand Rounds for such a wonderful feat and giving me the honour to host this next edition.

With the last edition topping the charts at 33 Charts I would certainly have to pull my socks up and pull of the rounds with at least 50% near perfection that Dr. V did.

Without further ado, lets get into submission mode. I'd like to keep the theme for this edition as Humour in Medicine. This may not have to be restricted to doctor patient but may extend to anything happening in and around medicine with a funny end to it!

Submission can be made either here at the comments section or at my email - Techknowdoc

I am on twitter with the handle (Techknowdoc) and would accept DM's there too

Deadline for submissions would be 30th May - Sunday!

Looking forward to hosting a colourful and hopefully smiling edition!


1 comment:

GlassHospital said...

Here's a post for Grand Rounds:

Thanks for the consideration. Happy weekend.

-Dr. John (aka GlassHospital)

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