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Monday, April 02, 2018

Happiness Is Simple!

We had a reunion this past weekend and almost half of our batch from Medical College attended. Some people travelled really far to get there, some not so much. Everyone made the effort and finally after years of trying, we managed to get together!

There was a positive feeling about it all. As soon as we saw our old mates, everyone was smiling from ear to ear. There was not one moment I remember where we were not genuinely happy to be there. Old memories came racing back, bonds were reformed and existing ones strengthened to last a lifetime. 

All through the weekend, I was happy. I saw people who were really happy. Most of us had not got our families but we were still happy being there. We found happiness in the success of others, we felt happiness with their children playing with us, we were happy babysitting others children and dancing with them, we were happy to just sit together and not have anything to talk, we were happy to remember those that couldn't make it.

Happiness is simple. It's a choice of how we decide to feel at any given point of time. We could focus on all the good things that happen or all the bad things that happen. More often that not, when we are alone with our thoughts, we think of the bad things because bad recall is easier than good recall. This has been scientifically proven. However, when we are with friends, family, people we like, we mostly focus on the good things.

Next time you want to feel happy, really happy, just take a moment, go to a secluded space and give yourself the biggest smile you can. Your brain will automatically dig out a really happy memory and you will feel true happiness. It's that simple.

Or else, have a reunion!!


Dr Jayram S said...

Yes I entirely agree that meeting friends of yesteryear’s is one of the sweetest part of anybody’s life as these relationships are strongly cemented.I would consider this as a must occasion for all and it rejuvenates us enormously, but I have a point to make.
A human being must endeavour to be happy irrespective of the environment or people around since happiness is a phenomenon which should happen from within.It is simply a constant feeling that I am happy and not I am happy because I had a good day or a good trip or good business or so and so treated me with importance and affection.This will mean that we are dependent on a source to either keep us happy or make us happy.
I therefore believe we should all make all out efforts to be happy irrespective of the situation and for that we need to grow spiritually and adopt sincere studies of teachings by masters on following guidelines as enunciated by them for a happy life.
I hope I have made myself clear.

Priya M said...

Lovely....Happiness is a state of mind and positive thoughts

Dr Swati Sulakshane said...

Hi Dheeraj
Very aptly written. Keep writing , great job👍🏻

Dr Varsha Daryanani said...

Lovely article and thoughts!

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