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Monday, December 14, 2009

Holy Cow!

India is a mystical place. The people of India, even more so.

Today, while on the way to the hospital, I saw with my own two eyes, in broad daylight, a sight that might never leave my scarred occipital lobe (part of the brain that receives visual input).

A cow was walking on the road (yes it happens in India) and decided to relieve itself of its bladder pressure. To put it simply, it pissed on the road. Before I could say sheeesh and yuck, a man from across the street came running in, held his hand out to the urine, collected some, poured some on his head (as is customary in cases of ganga jal and other holy water) and proceeded to drink the rest. Yup. DRINK! Swallowed it all.

Now, although its disgusting to most, I decided to give him the benefit of doubt and research a bit. This is what I found.

There is actually a Cow Urine Treatment and Research Center at Indore. Its findings say that it is capable of curing diabetes, blood pressure, asthma, psoriasis, eczema, heart attack, blockage in arteries, fits, cancer, AIDS, piles, prostrate, arthritis, migraine, thyroid, ulcer, acidity, constipation, gynecological problems, ear and nose problems and several other diseases.

Cow's urine or Gaw-mutra (in sanskrit apparently) is one of the Panchgavya Amrit (Five Cow Nectar). "Panchgavya" is said to cure major diseases and is made up of five cow products, viz. milk, curd, ghee, urine and dung. (Wiki)

If one spoon of pure ghee is poured on burning cow dung (in homa) then they can produce one-ton of pure air, therefore ghee made with cow milk is used in sacrificial fires and havans (Hindu Rituals). All the 330 million Gods have cow as their prime temple being.

Cow's urine has actually been patented in the U.S. (US patent# 6410059 has been granted to Indian scientists for the invention on June 25, 2002)

Actually quoted on a website "Cow urine contains copper, which is converted into gold inside the human body."

The one I like best "The cow is a mobile medical dispensary."

To make it very clear on where I stand, "I do not believe any of this, but I'm open to people doing what they want"

What do you think? Would you try this as a last resort for cure to say HIV or Cancer??


Unknown said...

i would!!

AjitNagar said...

There is some truth - it may be exaggerated but it does have some merit.

Bhavna said...

I too know of a miraculous treatment that cow's urine had given to an old aunt of mine who was suffering from some skin disease. Her skin scratching had increased to such an extent that it would cause her to bleed also sometimes. When everything was given up, a holy saint recommended to drink Cow's urine and the problem disappeared. She being old and religious believed the holy saint, we would have surely laughed it out !!

Techknowdoc said...

Once again, I'm not against it. Just don't think I would ever do it or advise it to anyone!
Thanks for the comments

InfinitePresence said...

wierd. When people cn eat dead bodies of animals. Cow urine should be at least be better than dead body. You should do research on this. Its cured so many dreaded disease. You never knw you will soon find cow urine extract talet branded by multinational pharma comanies promoted as anti cancer therapy people will be dying to take one regularly.

Techknowdoc said...

@ Infinite Presence
I am not against it. Its just something I would not do.
Some people in India also drink pigeon's blood which they think helps cure paralysis. Would you drink that?

♥ Braja said...

It cures everything and keeps one healthier than anything else can. I take it all the time in a purely created tablet form---made at the local goshala!

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