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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Cosmetic or Fanatic

The world today amazes me. I realise that I am beginning to sound old and fuddy duddy types by saying something like this but I guess the change in perception of people towards people is just stark.

A lady who was to deliver her second child through a C section came into our path recently. What are surgeons doing with a delivery you might ask. Well, the thing is this lady was quite obsessed with her abdomen, in the sense that she wanted the perfect flat tummy that most people crave for. Towards this, she realised she had a swelling around her umbilicus which she thought was a hernia, and thats where we came in. Thats not all though, she also realised that having two babies made her tummy look like a stack of tyres so she also wanted a tummy tuck (liposuction), and she was quite adamant on this.

Without getting into the technical details of surgery, her previous pfannensteil incision was used along with a vertical one which went around the umbilicus upto the hernia. Only, there was no hernia. It was a perception of one, with lax rectus sheath being the cause. She delivered the baby (fortunately healthy), and got the tummy tuck under general anaesthesia.

The point in question is this: Would you rather take care of your new born baby and bother about how it looks or worry about how fat your tummy is going to look because you've had two babies? Worry about breast feeding or worry about staving off an infection because the surgery you asked for would need you to take antibiotics?? Are looks so important that you put it in the same league as having a baby??

I agree its a personal choice (even though it may be an unwise one) but this is a personal opinion. You'd have to be fanatical to worry so much about cosmesis!

1 comment:

Unknown said...

I totally agree with your opinion Dheeraj... Am surprised that there are women who do things to such an extent for thier looks! Quite surprising!!

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