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Friday, December 25, 2009

Aloe Vera Condoms!

What a life the condom is having.

Starting as a material made out of skin and chemically treated linen, some reports of Goat's bladder and animal intestine abound (The Intestine Condom), moving on to rubber in the 1800s and latex invented in 1920. Latex condoms required less labor to produce than cement-dipped rubber condoms, which had to be smoothed by rubbing and trimming. Because it used water to suspend the rubber instead of gasolene and benzene, it eliminated the fire hazard previously associated with all condom factories. Latex condoms also performed better for the consumer: they were stronger and thinner than rubber condoms, and had a shelf life of five years. Until the 1920s, all condoms were individually hand-dipped by semiskilled workers. So, someone had touched what you thought was previously unused!

Finally we have the advanced materials we use now that allow them to be coloured, flavoured, ribbed, striped etc etc. Maybe its all a marketing gimmick, maybe it has some value to it. I was ready to accept it as something people would take interest in and at least it would cause them to use it more often preventing unecessary dieases and babies!

What takes the cake is that some genius has now come out with an Aloe Vera Condom. Aloe vera is having the year of its life with its use coming up in skin diseases, scalp conditions, stretch mark ablation, sun tan lotions and what not. I don't know if Aloe vera ever imagined it would be coating a condom. So now along with chocolate, strawberry, banana we also have aloe vera as an option. Its supposed to be very good for you as it is a natural product and has many beneficial properties when applied onto skin.

I'm not too sure whether this is a good thing for males, females or both. However, according to reports, its supposed to be very good for wrinkled skin (if you know what I mean)


"Guppy" Honaker said...

Having been involved in the aloe vera industry for some 30 years now, I have to say, this is something that I would not have thought of!

- David

Aloe Vera 101

Techknowdoc said...

I know what you mean!

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