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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

English Etiquette at the Hospital

There's just something about guju/madwadi women in closed spaces, especially where silence is mandatory, that makes them screech at the top of their voice.

The other day I was fortunate enough to witness what I thought was the beginning of the correct english usage revolution in the above mentioned ethnic group. I was travelling in an elevator from the 10th floor of the hospital to the ground with a lady from the sect.

She was trying to explain to some of her relatives (I presume) how to get to the hospital. She was loud on the 10th, louder on the 8th (OT floor) and grew progessively louder as we reached the ground floor. Maybe she thought she had to complete the instructions before she got off the elevator.

She tried explaining it to the other end of the phone in gujarati but clearly the relatives were not familiar with the place. She then goes on to tell them that now she will say it in english and they should even write down the spelling.

She shrills, " Ess Aaaayy Efff Why" (S A F Y). " Aa english ma che"!

I rest my case.


Ananya said...

Don't quite get the 'safy'. Is she trying to spell 'Saifee' hospital?

Techknowdoc said...


yash said...

LOL. it's usually englise maa chhe. i guess u found someone 1 evolution ahead from the rest of the species

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