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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Touring Mumbai Again

For all those who thought Bhilad was something I did as a one off instance, let me tell you about the wonderful day I had touring all areas of Mumbai by almost all means of transport.

The day started with me taking my bike to Sea View Hospital, parking it in the basement, taking rounds quicker than I ever have and running off for the next stop. Hospital for the Stars was reached by traveling in a local train from Charni Road to Bandra. From Bandra, I took the cheap public transport option - auto rickshaw to reach the hospital. All good so far. Did 2 hysterectomies, at some pseudolunch at the hospital and left for the next leg of the journey. This was to be from Bandra to Thane and was done with the car. We had a case there which was a hysterectomy and that took its own time as the instruments and equipment were meant to be ours and that takes time to set up.

We finally left for our next stop around 5 in the evening. This leg was to take us to Bhiwandi from Thane. Thanks to fate which makes it a point to jab you in the butt ever so often, we ran into a huge traffic jam on the highway which delayed us even further. We reached only after 7, 2 hours for what is usually a 40 minute journey. We got some food at Bhiwandi as it was 'Party's' house and hospital we went to.
From his nursing home I quickly took a 15 mins detour and went to visit my old friend and room mate from college Dr. Bhatinda!

We finally left Bhiwandi around 9 pm. Schumacher's reincarnation drove like he is used to and we managed to reach saat rasta around 10.45 which is a really good feat. This was to mark my last bit of traveling for the day, for we had decided to go for a happy budday party at phoenix mills on this very night.

My night finally ended around 2 am with the final drive of the night being in 'Rachel', taking us faithfully from phoenix to home. Oh and yes I had to get up and go to work at 8 am the next day!!


PoppadumArt said...

viva la Rachel!!!

Unknown said...

...what happened to the bike???

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