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Tuesday, August 18, 2009


We were supposed to have a really straight forward Lap. Cholecystectomy this afternoon. It was a case of BawiDoc who generally never comes in but expect our boss to come in and do the work inspite of us being there.Bawi doc unfortunately works only with Snitz n. Informal,(snitz) a person who is really irritating.

This case turned out to be slightly more difficult than normal, but not something we would not be able to handle without boss. The Snitz, however, starts getting ants in her pants after about 45 mins, saying why is it taking so long, maybe we should call sir, should I call bawidoc etc etc to which all replies were no.

The Snitz then slyly goes outside the ot and comes back in about 5 mins. A couple of minutes later bawidoc's face is at the glass in the door looking in wondering whats going on. We reassure her that it is a difficult case and it will take some time but we do not need to call sir. She goes off and we continue our task of getting that Gall Bladder out! Mrs. Motivator is now beginning to lose patience, which is quite a rare thing.

The Snitz over the next half hour goes on and on about how we should use a wash so we can see better, maybe we should use only and iv set instead of a TURP set for the wash, we should clip the artery beforehand so we can then see the duct, we should call sir (again). Mrs. Motivator is almost ready to jab a scalpel into the snitz. She even had the audacity to go out again, (assumption here, but really the only possibility), tell bawidoc to call sir on her phone, gets the phone in and puts sir on the loudspeaker. We calmly (barely) proceed to tell sir that we're almost done and he does not need to worry about anything. Mrs. Motivator is almost ready to jab a scalpel into the snitz.

We finish the case with the feeling of having gone through an examination of our skills. Mrs. Motivator who is usually very very very very (you get the drift) cool and composed is about ready to buy a voodoo doll and stick some pins in some unmentionable places. She even went on to say that the only decent nickname for the snitz would be one of the B words!!!!

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Anjum Dhir Kulkarni said...

how annoying this snitz is!! anyone will lose their cool with someone that that! i had someone like that in school with me, uffff!!! childish, wanna be the teacher's pet etc etc.....! glad u guys managed to pull it off well...congrats! way to go!!!:)

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