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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

The Beard Mask

I've been looking for a topic to blog about for the past few weeks and I just couldn't get something interesting enough to write about. I asked on the web, questioned friends I bumped into at the market, looked for inspiration at the office, watched for signs in the OT but nothing came to me.

Until one day, when I was changing in the operating room and went to grab my cap and mask. I saw a rather unique looking invention. I'm sure this must be an Asian find / discovery / invention / contraption or something. It was a mask with a veil, grand and green, extending from ear to ear, with strings attached, and quite wierd.

At first I didn't understand it and let it go. When I went in to the OT for the case, another doc walked in after sometime as a spectator. Now, usually we are too busy looking at the screen to look at someone who has walked in, but as luck would have it, I turned. Inspiration struck with the force of lightening (bijli even), and I realised that I would eventually write about it.

There he stood, looking quite innocent, with his face covered in a cap and mask, only it was the Beard Mask! It completely hid his face leaving only his eyes uncovered. What a wonderful invention. In the world where people are looking to sue for every possible mishap and incident, here is something that would finally allow doctor's sporting beards to operate without actually having to tie it up in a rubber band (painful) or worry about whether it is long enough to reach the table before they do!

It truly was an eye opener. I will post a pic of the same for people who have never seen it (maybe alongside a regular mask even).


fauja said...

any idea where I can get my hands on one of these?

Techknowdoc said...

@Fauja These are freely available in the Dava Bazaar (Medical Market) at Kalbadevi in Mumbai.

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