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Saturday, May 30, 2009

My Left hand works...

Forgive the bulk posting but till I learn to use my new phone correctly the posts will come as and when I have time and the time is now.
The other day we were at the hospital of the stars and were doing one of those hysterical hysterectomies. Since the usual docs were unwell, two of us needed to wash up as opposed to only boss as is usually the case.
Mrs. Motivator decided that she was too sleepy that day and makes me wash up.
I was to hold the camera in my left hand and a myoma screw in my right.
Started off easy enough as most of the times all you need to do with the screw is just hold it in one direction or the other.
The camera in that hospital is one for the stars though. It has its own set of tantrums with the light cable pulling it off to one side or the other whenever it feels like it. So the camera becomes left tilted or right tilted depending on where the karmic cosmic forces are biased at that point of time in the universe.
When that happens, one can easily use the other hand to hold the cable and right the wrong or left the right (excuse the pun couldn't help it haven't cracked a bad joke all day today). However, in this case the left hand is tied up right. With the screw it was managable but when time came to suture the defect in the vagina, retraction came into play and it was a whole new ballgame. Retract bowel, retract bladder, right camera, left camera, clean lens, suck fluid, show needle tip, show suture end all in a matter of 3 seconds!
It was managed with sweat pouring down the forehead (mainly for effect, no real sweat like Dr. Broadwalk a couple of years ago: Ref older posts)

At the end of it all, boss casually remarks that finally my brain is beginning to understand that my hands need to work independently of each other. So, there it is left hand is starting to be independent....and cramping in protest even as I type this......

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Unknown said...

ur good. i didnot have to read that - - - - to know that u r 1 cool dude

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