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Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Core

Its been 3 months now and I've sort of settled into the new workplace without much of problems.
Mr. Gottogo has had to go!
I'm not going to elaborate on that as we have a strict confidentiality policy and I don't want to be the next fake IPL player types.
I still haven't introduced the core of our team without whom I think we would just be a bunch of surgeons going about our day to day surgery. For lack of a better name I shall call this person 'The Core'. As and when I come up with a better name that is not hanigarak to my well being I shall update.
The Core can be perceived by many people to be many things. A go getter, a driving force, quick decision maker, strong headed and yet adjustable with a perpetual cold as of now.
For me to write so favourably towards the core, I must have a good reason and I have plenty. The core has taught me the importance of public presence and appearance, of marketing and strategy, of planning and execution. Now I was tuned into all this before but I never laid stress on it as much as I am doing now. So much so, that I think its one of the reasons the MBA bug bit me again and I started doing my research on that front.
However, in case I am given the chance to stay here in the long term, I don't think I need to worry about an MBA but should focus on perfecting what I am learning now. This includes not only surgery but presentation, appearance, conversation and overall business leadership.

To the core in particular - I hope this is enough flattery to get my permanence on a fast track and for me to be in your good books at least for the coming months.
In case it isn't, let me know what was lacking so that when I write about boss I miss out on nothing.

Till later

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