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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Bombs away.....

Hello hello.
Here's the latest in the world of obesity surgery. We just did a sleeve on a guy weighing 201 Kgs (442 Pounds). Now this guy is fairly young, smokes, drinks, and obviously enjoys eating. Unfortunately for him, he is short - 160 cms which is roughly about 5'4". I wuold urge you to streeeeetchh your imaganation to view this person in your third eye (chances are he won't fit)

The question in my mind is that most people get overweight and start doing something about it (gym, walk, diet something). What was this person thinking, going on drinking, smoking, eating etc etc.

The answer I think is more mental than physical. By the time they hit 120-130 kgs they've given up hope on ever losing weight, running, sleeping well, enjoying life and the only thing that gives them pleasure is drinks and smokes (lets face it you don't have to move too much for either of the above)

Now that philosophy is over and done with, let me tell you the problem I had which brought this particular case to the blog. I was to insert Jonac suppositories into the guy (pain relief). For the uninitiated, a suppository (looks like a white melted torpedo) goes into your rectum and is absorbed from there providing good and sustained effects. This guy was really big see, so he would not be done with one but needed three. The problem I had was like entering a dark damp cave with no end in sight. By the time I could actually find the rectum I was in upto my wrists and basically feeling my way through the process. It was not a happy moment, let me tell you. To be honest, I was still wondering, as I washed up for the case, as to where exactly did I put those damn torpedoes.
Fortunately for me, he wasn't complaining of pain after coming out of anaesthesia so they must have hit the target!
Bombs away.....


Simran said...

lol... I could picture the whole thing in my head.... Can't decide whether it was more funny or gross :P

Unknown said...

lol.. mustv'a been grossly hilarious!!

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