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Monday, January 01, 2018

How would you prefer to communicate?

Happy New Year!

For this year, I've decided the only way to write more would be to write whatever comes into my head and make sure it gets put up here. This would also mean that we will have shorter posts, but hopefully, more often.

Carrying on from what has been the theme over the past few months in India, this post is meant to ask you one very important question:

How would you like to communicate more with your Doctor?

I understand that everyone has their preferences including the doctors, which is why I think this is an important but often overlooked question in the Doctor Patient Relationship.

Would you prefer a face to face encounter, a telephone call, a video call (Skype, Google Duo etc), Whatsapp messaging, SMS, via a friend or any other means?

Once you have this answer, I need you to think about one more question and I would appreciate both answers in the comments field. Having made up your mind about the first question, do you ever think about your Doctor before initiating the said means of communication? Things like whether they would be comfortable with the same means of communication, have the same tech that you would like to use, be in the same frame of mind as you to answer your queries etc etc.

Please do reply in the comments section and share with your colleagues so we can improve the relationship to a 2018 level :-)

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