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Monday, August 17, 2015

Silicon Implants....Just not where you want them!

"Plastic Surgery is a Post Modern Veil" - Nawal El Saadawi

How true this statement is in today's times. It seems there is a procedure for everything. Right from that harmless facelift to the botox injections to surgery for dramatic weight loss and body contouring to silicon implants.

Not to sound sexist, but for a while now, these were the domain of the ladies.

Not anymore! There are post modern males stepping in who claim to be the new generation of cool while trying to hide their procedures and scars.

Our patient is one of these. One look at him and you instantly know he is a gym addict who has perhaps dedicated half his adult life to his goal of a perfect body.

He was clearly a bit off though. He admitted to have taken steroids while on his workouts. He also admitted to being a little crazy. What he admitted last was one that even surprised us.

He had silicon implants on his arms. Biceps and Triceps. Apparently this was to win some competition. He had them for about a year. Unfortunately for him, one of these migrated down to his forearm. Another one got infected. He also developed keloids (ugly scars over the surgery site).

He came to us to have the implants removed. This was the first time I have seen implants into the arms, in addition to, in a male.

Needless to say, we removed about 7 implants from both his arms, gave him a fairly decent scar after removing his keloids and offered him some counselling.

The icing on the cake was that this man, self admittedly crazy, took a discharge the same evening, decided he was a tough guy and didn't need anything, skipped his meds and went out for coffee the same night.

He returned the following morning for his follow up, wincing in pain, almost had a syncopial attack (fainting spell) while dressing because of the soreness, and promised to take his medications thereon.

This was his post operative scar!

Do you know of anyone with silicon implants in weird places?

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Unknown said...

Nice to hear from you DJ after a long time ! If you get a chance try watching "Botched", it's an American reality TV series which premiered on E!, I'm sure you may be able to view some episodes on Youtube. It follows plastic surgeons Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif.
Hope all is well back home with the bachcha party, say hi to mom&dad !

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