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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Get Laser Surgery Done Now!

I keep telling myself I shall not write degrading things about my workplace anymore but they leave me with no choice.

Before you read any further you have to take a solemn oath not to tell any health regulatory authority about this incident.

You will probably find this very very kathin to believe but I swear its true and it happened today 18th October 2005 around 12.30 in the afternoon.

Dr. Broadwalk and I were operating this case of undescended testis where one of the guys balls failed to come down to its correct location and consequently was lodged somewhere in his abdomen. What we do in such cases is usually mobilise the poor thing and try and get it back into his scrotum before he develops a tumour in it and a lemon turns into a melon!

So we open this guy’s abdomen and find a hernial sac there (which is quite common in such cases) and try and separate the sac from the cord structures (Sid and Abhi probably understand this better than the rest of u) so that we can pull his lost 'life-giver' and try and get it back down.

We’re working away trying to get it done, we open the sac, pull on the gubernaculum (this is an actual structure and it is as weird as it sounds) and find the misplaced ‘nut’ inside the deep ring (let it be…it’s just a thing we have in the abdomen) and pull it downward.

Now, we’re trying to mobilise it further because it’s come up short! Bole to, it’s just about reaching the scrotal entrance which is not good enough. So, Dr. Broadwalk tries to free some adherent structures around the gubernaculum and has to free some vessels in the process.

Unlike what you may be thinking right now, we did not end up tearing any vessel. Something much worse happened. Brace yourselves….His glasses fall right into the abdomen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m not joking, lying, imagining, nothing! His spectacles are lying there on this guy’s ‘gonad’ exposed to blood and tissue. For a second or two, nobody moved or said a word.

As any good story of mine, this one is not over yet….Dr. Broadwalk (B.M.C. Employee of the year this one!) now removes his gloves, proceeds to pick up his glasses, puts them back on (Ewwwww), drops some spirit on his hands, wears a pair of new gloves and continues with the operation!

I have nothing more to say. I’m speechless. I’m flabbergasted. I’m so many things you guys will never be until you enter an operating room with this guy.

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