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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Penile Penalty...

Anyone who considers laughing at other people’s miseries distasteful may stop reading this right now…All the other’s who can afford to laugh along continue!

This happened in the morning when we were relatively free (Yes, sometimes we are free in the morning). A call came from the casualty for the on call unit (not us) for a patient in severe pain and the call book read exactly this, “C/o Rope tied around penis”. My first instinct was I’m not on call, go find the doctor who is.

As all good things are realised a little too late, my batti also jaloed after 5 mins and as expected my evil side took over and I just had to see what the hell a guy was doing with a rope around his penis? I headed over to the casualty, considering the various possibilities all the way there! Maybe this was a novel way of committing suicide…Just imagine trying to kill yourself by hanging from your penis. It’ll kill you all right!

Anyway, I reached there and started looking for a guy with a rope tied around him, but I was hugely disappointed because there wasn’t a rope in sight. All was not lost though, because I found the guy, only it wasn’t a rope, it was a very strong piece of thick thread tied securely around the base of his penis!

Now, I was bored and this seemed a nice way to pass the morning till my bosses came for rounds so I went up to the guy and started asking him the most annoying questions. What happened? How did you do this? Why did you do this? For how long? Etc etc.

This guy surprised me by giving me the most absurd explanations for my questions. He said he tied it because mosquitoes were biting his penis (hehehehe) and the thread would keep them away. I asked him how that would be achieved, would he be using the rope to lasso the mosquitoes or use it to swipe at the mosquitoes with his penis. Agreed it was very rude of me to say so but come on, you don’t lie to your doctor, especially an intelligent one!

To top it off he says he had it on for 5 days! His penis was really swollen and the thread had begun to cut through his skin so I stopped being nasty and asked the other unit to come ad take over, but not before I took a pic of the great specimen.

I was thinking of putting it up with this but I thought it would be best to wait and see how many of you really want to see such a gruesome picture so post your comments and if demanded the pic shall be uploaded!

Till later.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I think I can do without the pic... although if you did appropriately name your pic you might just increases your hits thanks to all the weirdo search terms on google ;-)

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