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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Midnight Walk Through The Graveyard!

OK something like this can only happen to me or with me or for me or whatever.

Dr. Shaikh and I were forced to take this patient who required an urgent CT Scan and neurosurgical reference. Now by the time we got there it was around midnight and we finished transferring the patient by about 1. The ambulance had left so it was up to us to go back and none of us wanted to spend too much money on a cab (ricks don't go upto Sion hosp.), we decided to take the train.

I think it was the last or second to last train and unfortunately for us it was going only upto Kurla so we figured we would take a rick from there. Now, when we landed at kurla, we knew we had to go east so we got a bridge and went east. This bridge was really long and it led us to this dark hutment type of area, but I thought its a bridge so it should lead to the main road so we continued further.

Then we saw an arch with lights and it was pointed towards the highway so we entered. We're walking along and suddenly as I looked to the sides I saw the one thing you don't want to see at 1 in the morning....GRAVES!!! Very quickly realisation dawned that we were in a graveyard and the inscriptions told us it was a Muslim Kabrastan! As we continued to walk along hoping for an exit to the main road we're deathly quiet (excuse the pun) and we see an old man walking towards the end where there is a white wall.

I thought there must be a gate there so I told Dr. Shaikh to follow him and maybe we could get out of here without much of a problem. By the time I finish telling him this the old guy has Vanished! No Jokes it was like he just disappeared. Suddenly a tube light comes on in a small room to our right and we can see a tomb....and after a few seconds the same old man walking around it.

Apparently he was the caretaker and we then asked him how to get to the main road. He told us that we had to go back where we came from because there was no way out from here. So we collectively held whatever little breath we had left in us and walked all the way back through the kabrastan, through the dark lane which seemed even darker now, up the bridge, back on the station and got out through the next bridge looking very carefully to see whether it leads to a road or some other dark alley!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Papabear i think you should frequently go for such walks.......i m sure it must be the best feeling ever........

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