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Friday, September 27, 2019

Teach your children this, make them learn that, 
offer them some bliss, and intelligence below their hat; 
Would you just let them grow, 
with a few things that they may not yet know; 

Be the guide when they need someone, not the advance booking answer that will leave them dumb;
Let them learn to ask, to try, to assume and to fail, don’t be ready beforehand to offer them bail;
Teach them the importance of going through disappointments, hold their hands but only on requirement!

Let them think that we are cruel, let them feel that we don’t bother, 
remember we did too once upon a time, think that perfect parents were anothers.
They need to understand that life isn’t fair, they need to know that not everyone will care, they need to spectacularly fall before they learn to climb and stand tall.

The attitude we see today is our mistake, 
The truth couldn’t be farther than what we make, 
is a child supposed to know so much, 
or are we just running the rat race?

Give them space, give them time, 
give them some love and watch them shine, 
forget about competition, forget about our fears, 
watch them soar as they slowly shift gears;
They will surprise you with what they can create, 
once we stop shouting at them for being late, 
give them some hugs and a few kisses too, 
watch how they will go on and never forget you.

They’ll take care of you once you grow old,
 I can guarantee it if I may be so bold, 
the only thing they need from us, 
is to let them be and give them our trust!

By Yours truly

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