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Monday, August 22, 2011

Hair Today...Gone Tomorrow...Just came back!

I read this piece on male pattern baldness this morning where Dr. Phil (yes the one one Oprah) said that 70% men would rather amputate a limb than go bald.

The ultimate fear of some males happens to be baldness. I wonder why? It's not like Samson's story was ever proven to be true. Or even if most politician's (excluding Manmohan Singh for obvious reasons) appear to be bald. What is there to fear? 

Some women I know, love the smooth bald feel on their man's head! I think it gives some people character. Agreed, Sehwag and Harsha Bhogle seem better off after their treatments but would you really bother if they hadn't gotten it done? It would not have made an iota of difference to me!

Apparently, there are various new ways of getting the treatment done....Old methods involved literally cutting off the back of your head, where the hair growth is maximum and transplanting it to the front. Nowadays, though, they have hair follicle pick up and implantation over the bald patch (almost sounds like fertilization to me). They have even discovered the gene causing male pattern baldness. Maybe a cure is at hand but it's far from ready now.I know someone working at a hair restoration clinic in Bombay and he swears by the results and the painlessness of it all.

I even got an enquiry from somewhere in Africa for the same. Maybe it's time has finally arrived.Men are looking at ways to prevent baldness and until that arrives, there is always restoration. I'm just pleasently surprised at the number of centres mushrooming up in Bombay for the same.

All the best to my bald friends!


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