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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

6 years and counting

It has been 6 years to the date since I started writing this blog. I would like to think that much has changed.

Of course, most of that can be attributed to the fact that I went from Municipal Hospital to Private Hospital to Private Practice. I, however, do hope that my writing has changed a bit too.

I was reading some of my early posts and almost had the urge to edit them. I didn't. I guess, it is something that should stay the way it is to remind me of what has changed! Enough with the change bit.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the people who have made it possible for me to stay interested in writing this for so long (God knows I tend to get bored with things easily)

Vinita Mulchandani - My best friend, my wife, my biggest reality check, my fashion police, my personal himalaya. She is so many things to me that I would need another 6 years to complete the list. I love you babe!

Toofan Mulchandani - aka Jeehan (Yes, this is the correct order and not the other way round) He will soon become all of the above. As of now, he is just a bundle of joy (no matter how cliched that sounds) He is also the sole inspiration for my other blog 'Taught By My Son"

Samit Malkani - Yes you made it before the rest of my family. Simply because you are almost right up there with the rest of them (and you know it!) If it wasn't for you, I probably would not have been pushed into writing at all. Your blogs are an inspiration (even though I may not be interested in the teachings of the post, the style is great). Read more about it here

The rest of my family - My brother, Gautam, who is my severest critic, who always keeps a check on me and always pretends not to care. My dad, who is surprising everyone with his tech savvy avatar and mom who just loves to read my name anywhere public!

Saanwari Gorwaney Malkani - Yes I wrote your entire name! You have always encouraged me to write on and for that I thank you. You also make sure all of us have some fun which is something we tend to forget with our busy lives. Cheers!

Juhi D - Always will be Juhi D to me! Thanks for believing that I could write for you sometime, even though I have not gotten around to doing it. Coming from you, its a huge morale booster and gives me belief in my writing ability.

Anjum D - Oh God! How I love to fight with you and argue with you. Thanks for reading the post as soon as you get to know about it. You are the most active person when it comes to comments on the blog and I am grateful to you for that. Love your writing too

M.D. - My Meghu Mutter! I know we somehow always miss each others calls but I know you read the blog and enjoy it and you in your own way inspire me! You're a great friend, Thanks!

Sheebs - My rum and coke buddy! How I wish we could have met sooner than we did. Great fun having you around and please keep reading my blog. Can I include Amit in this too since he'd probably not read this anyway until I can somehow get it into a phone call for him!

Bips - You would have been higher mate, but you tend to disappear far too often and I have no clue what you're up to. I would, however, give your reference to anyone who wants to lose weight. I know you read and thanks for that. Cheers!

Nyaani - aka Mental Bua/Aks/Divz/Divya If and when she reads the blog she always has nice things to say. More importantly, I can laugh with you without any reason! Hahahaha

Ok, this is beginning to sound like an oscar speech!

All my other readers! Don't fret because you're at the end. The end is usually the best part. To move to the top, please read, comment, share and care!


rlbates said...

Happy Blogoversary!

PoppadumArt said...

Anjum, thanks for taking over on the constant arguing and fighting!

And deej, have you become senti or what after tofu!!

:D congratulations:) on the sentiness and the gory blog of yours.

All the best!

Techknowdoc said...

Thanks Dr. Ramona! Great to see you're still reading!

Techknowdoc said...

Thanks Poppadum!
Yes it seems that Toofan has broken my emotional barrier!
However, I stand by each word! Thanks for reading and encouraging all the time!

PoppadumArt said...

Congratulations dude!

Strange to see an emotional post, but happy to have helped, and keep writing.



Anonymous said...

Nice, emotional and dedicated.
I came across your blog recently and have really liked it. You have a new fan. :)

Please read & promote-

The Tablet Revolutionary

Ananya said...

Bhaiyya, abhi aapko lifetime achievement award diya nahi hai; kahi bhagney ki koshish to nahi zaari hai na? :-)

Congratulations on entertaining us for 6 years (it's been that long already?)! Likhtey raho...

Techknowdoc said...

@Yash Thanks and welcome aboard! Hope to receive more comments from you on my other posts as well. You might also want to read my two other blogs. Http://
And Taught by my son linked above

@Ananya Cheers buddy. Keep reading and before you know it, it'll be six more years!

Anjum Dhir Kulkarni said...

Thanx DJ, though I have a long, long way to go to perfect my writing:)

I love fighting and arguing with u too Doc...really miss u all!:( (Saav, you are most welcome to carry on the tradition while I am away!:))

But really DJ, great can't stop!:)

Dabba Gola Inc said...

Congrats bha! May the goodtimes always roll;) and I do read your posts:P

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