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Friday, October 24, 2008

HH and further...

A year ago I stopped writing about the dreaded BMC hospitals as I was about to finish my association with them.

Now after all the degrees and diplomas are done with (for the time being at least)....I have joined HH as a clinical associate.
Now, HH is a prominent hospital with advanced facilities and super efficient staff ( at least thats what 1 week tells me), but with me I'm sure there will be things for me to write about. There may not be too many mistakes but there might be some super cool cases to document and I intend to do that here.

So with that out of the way, lets get down to number one. There was this old guy referred to us for Carcinoma Colon from bandra. His CT scan was done in Holy family and was reported as Ca. We thought we would work him up for surgery and do a colostomy. We sent him for a colonoscopy first to see if we could put in a stent.
The colonoscopy revealed a massive infection with ulcers and no growth!
On further investigation, it turned out to be a massive infection (counts 40K) with Infective amoebiasis.

He's been on treatment for 3 days now and is much better and should go home tomorrow. So who says only government and municipal hospitals make mistakes!!!

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