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Thursday, June 07, 2007

The Importance of OT MAMA's

Summer vacation is about to end.

The only problem is that in this hospital the vacation will only end when the mama's of the ot start coming back to work.

During the summer the various ot assistants were on leave. I believe them to be the masters at resource management because they all had planned their vacation so beautifully that at no point in time was more than one operating table allowed to work amongst 3 departments. Which basically meant they controlled us while not even being there.

We were constantly arguing about whether OB/GYN or ENT or Surgery gets preference for the table and I'm not talking only about routine ot's but even emergencies.

A time came when one of our emergencies was made to get up off the table because the gynaec people came in with a ceasarian section to be done immediately and there was no staff or other table available for that patient.

Lesson learnt: The OT in our hospital is not controlled by Doctor's, Nurses or even the administration.....Its the OT MAMA's who rule the roost.

Hence the mama shall now be given preference to all when it comes to maska maroing!!

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