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Monday, March 26, 2007

Spinal Anaesthesia Can Break Your Back!

Ok this is late so its going to be short.

We give spinal anaesthesia to numb the lower half of the body when we want to operate in that region.

So, this young fellow who was to undergo a hernia surgery came to the ot and was made to sit on the operating table so we could give him anaesthesia. The anaesthetist managed to find the space and administered the drug. As soon as this is done the patient is made to lie down quickly so that the drug concentrates at the lower part of the body and doesn't track upwards.This guy is made to lie down in a hurry and suddenly we hear a loud CRASH.

The ot table broke into two and the head end of the patient went down taking the poor fellow with it. Now remember that this guy is paralysed waist down because of the anaesthesia. So we jump in there to catch him before he hits the ground and the whole room is in Shock!

Just one point to highlight...What if this happened when the surgeon had applied a knife to the patient? Just imagine what could get cut by mistake!!!

P.S. This happened on the 27th of Jan. The table has since gone for repairs and hasn't yet returned.

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