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Friday, August 25, 2006

We Lost Broadwalk

Its a sad day in the history of our hospital. Dr. Broadwalk has got a promotion and has made assistant professor, but this comes with a catch. He will be transferred to another hospital and we now have no lecturer. This means no more free hands with cutting, no more nice guy to save us when we make blunders and no more mishaps (ok that may be good).

The most touching moment for me was when he walked up to Pitamaha and informed him of his transfer and joining the other hospital and before he left he touched his feet.

This coming from a man who jokes about everything and generally disagreed with Pitamaha's tactics regarding surgery. I was impressed and glad to know the amount of respect Pitamaha commands from his inferiors.

All the best Dr. Broadwalk We're really glad for your promotion but we will miss you terribly in the unit.

Till later

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

dont worry dj dr.broadwalk will be back.he is made for our hospital

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