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Friday, May 28, 2021

Corporate India, Let's Get Vaccinated!

Tired of playing the fastest fingers first game? Can't see anything but red on the calendar? Are you the on of the unfortunate 18+ people who just can't seem to get a shot? Waiting for fly out of the country but haven't even got your first dose yet?

Well, it's here! Finally, after weeks of paper pushing, rubbing backs and oiling the machinery that runs this city, we've got systems in place to start corporate vaccinations for now. Individual vaccinations will still take a while but if you have the numbers, we can now source the vaccines! Kicking of corporate vaccinations from next week, we are in the process of obtaining a substantial amount of vaccines to serve blue collar India.

We're starting off with Covaxin as it's readily available and can start innoculations as early as next week. For now we would need a minimum number of people confirmed to even start the process so if you do work in an organisation that would like to get their employees vaccinated in the comfort of your own office/workspace and you have the numbers, we can get it done asap!

Do get in touch with me via Whatsapp and let's talk.

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