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Tuesday, September 11, 2018


Every once in a while, you read a book that forces you to think differently, to imagine what all is possible, to take the road less traveled, to change drastically for the better and to flip your understanding of the world at large.

'Reborn' by Aarti Asrani is one such gem. 

This is an easy to read, simple and effective book which would classify as a self help, self improvement kind of genre and is timed just right since the world seems to be begging for any form of positive energy we can find.

The book is neatly divided in various sections and each section can be either read independently or as a whole. The effect each chapter will have on you is very subjective but if you just remember to accept or 'receive' as she so aptly puts it in many of her chapters, you will get the message loud and clear. In addition to this, if you think you get it but can't implement it, you could always call her for help. Her contact details are on her website and I personally know for a fact that she will help you through it, not matter how busy she is!

Just a few specific points to touch on to give you a feel of the book:

Feel the vibrations. Make sure you send out the correct vibes in order to receive the correct vibes in return. This has been taught to us from time immemorial. You greet a smile with a smile, no matter what mood you are in. 

Be ready to receive, the universe is begging you to take what you ask for, provided you ask well and are ready to receive what is given irrespective of the packaging. It is truly said that the world works in mysterious ways.

Change the way you say NO. Replace it with positive words of refusal! Works like magic!!

Receive openly, without doubt, without thinking about what to give in return, without considering the reasons. If you get a compliment, don't think twice about imbibing it in your conscience!

Break the conditioning spell we all are under. Let go of preconceived notions to open up the possibilities of choice! This was an extremely intelligent chapter in my view!

Because! What a powerful word. I'm not going to write more about it. You have to read that chapter to understand, because... Anything can be right and everything can be wrong is my favourite line in the whole book! Look for it.

Money, everyone's boon or bane is quite well explained too and the reason you choose to have more or spend more and the reason to keep wanting more have never seemed clearer!

Relationships are the next thing she has tackled and you must read this chapter slowly and completely to understand how to be the perfect partner for yourself and others around you.

The reason that this is even here is that all of this plays a part in your well being and health. This has also been tackled well in the chapter on health consciousness. A look at how emotions, all emotions, are just signals from your body asking for more awareness and how ignoring these can lead to health issues is well described and dealt with.

If you are suitable intrigued or impressed with any of the above, it's time to stop reading this and head on over to her website to order yourself a copy. Also available on Amazon as Reborn: by Aarti Asrani. Yes, there are some grammatical errors and some print fallacies, but none of that takes away from the content. For her first book, I think Aarti has done really well. I read through the whole book and I strongly suggest you do too!

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